Happy Socks

Prince Phillip would like to present the Limited Edition Tropicana Gift Box from… Happy Socks!

The tropical leaf print box contains three pairs (Monstera, Coconut & Pineapple).What makes Happy socks unique is the endless variety of models and designs, using a broad spectrum of color combinations and original patterns.

As you can see from the photos below, Prince Phillip approves of them and wishes they made them kitty size.

If you wish to order your own Tropicana Gift Box you can do so by clicking here. If you don’t fancy these specific patterns there’s a large selection for you to browse. Click here if you wish to get to their main homepage.

Kattbox – May

For Aurora and Prince Phillip it’s as if Christmas comes once a month in the form of Kattbox. Today the May edition arrived and Aurora seemed very enthusiastic about the goodies inside.

Aurora is literally being showered with gifts, just like true royalty. A list of the toys and treats can be found below:

Bilanx – Super Premium Complete Cat Food – With Chicken
Bilanx – Happy Snax – With Chicken
Vitakraft – Poésie Mousse – With Beef
Vitakraft – Catstick Mini – With Chicken & Cat Grass
Vitakraft – Catstick Mini – With Fish & Omega 3

Pritax – Running Lizard (Springade Ödla)
Pritax – Mouse with Feathers (Mus Med Fjädrar)
Pritax – Elastic Band Mouse
Play-N-Squeak – Catch Of The Day
Kong – Kickeroo

Product Of The Month:
The winning product of the month was the Kickeroo from Kong, a toy that speaks to the cats instincts, to stalk and catch its prey. It brings out the cats desire to use its back legs to kick it. The kitties couldn’t help but to rub their scent all over this toy by constantly cuddling and licking it.

Below is a slideshow containing the remaining photos from Aurora’s unboxing experience.

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We hope that you enjoyed this months unboxing. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment here or send a private DM on Instagram.

See you next month when we discover the June edition of Kattbox!

Say hello to Eva!

Look how cute this Eva Bag/Key Pom Pom Charm from The Berals Co is! The purrfect cruelty free accessory for your keys and bags. The beautiful design is not only fashionable but is for a great cause.

The Berals Co cause:

“We pledge to support sheltered pets across the world, without your help many get euthanized each year as shelters can’t cope with the numbers.

For each charm sold, Berals will donate 10% of the purchase to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home/ other animal shelters to help them carry on their amazing work. They help to provide food, shelter and care for cats & dogs as well as work to find cats and dogs in their care- new homes. The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is one of many animal charities we aim to help in the future; our goal is to provide support for as many sheltered pets as possible.”

By using the discount code AURORA, you will receive 10% off your purchase and help our furry friends in need.

Please take the time to visit their instagram (@theberalsco) and show them your support!

Treat yourself to a DW watch!

Aurora recently reached one of our big milestones which was 50.000 followers on Instagram. First out we would just like to thank all of you for your love and support as well as all your kind comments. We really appreciate that many of you take the time to ask us questions about our kitties and what we do to take care of them. We are always glad to answer your questions!

To celebrate this and to show you our gratitude we have decided to team up with Daniel Wellington to give all of you 15% off an entire purchase from their homepage www.danielwellington.com. Their watches are the perfect accessory, with good quality for a reasonable price.

Thank you all once again and please keep the questions coming. If you have any questions regarding this post in specific please leave it in the comment section here on the blog or in a DM on Instagram.

Aurora’s Purrmaid has arrived!


Aurora + Aurora Purrmaid


Prince Phillip + Aurora Purrmaid









If you follow Aurora’s Instagram @aurorapurr you probably know that Beeskneesindustries created a cat purrmaid inspired by Aurora. We didn’t hesitate to order one for Aurora and Prince Phillip.

This week it arrived and it’s even cuter in real life than what it is on photos! We are so happy, so thank you once again! If you want to order one or check out their other products feel free to visit their homepage by clicking here.

What is watching Aurora from the tree?

Today (5th of May 2016) we celebrate that Jesus returned to heaven after his resurrection here in Sweden. That means my human dad had the day off and decided to come outside with me for a walk.

Aurora always gets so excited as soon as you bring out her leash and collar. She knows right away what that means, that she gets to go outside!

The summer is coming quickly which means there will be more and more photos of Aurora being outside with the green trees and the colourful flowers. Today on our adventure she met two little birdies who were very interested in Aurora. I doubt that they have ever seen a white cat like her before but while being interested they were keeping a safe distance from a branch on a tree. Aurora was just as interested herself.

The photos is of Aurora, to the left, watching the birdies and to the right the birdies watching Aurora.

Aurora’s on YouTube!


Do you feel like you don’t get to see enough of Aurora just from her Instagram, blog and Twitter? Are the videos on Instagram too short? Do you wish you could get videos up to 15 minutes long from Auroras life, such as her being outside playing in the park and eating her favourite treats? Now that can all come true, because Aurora is finally on YouTube!

We decided to open a YouTube channel for Aurora since our dear followers have been requesting more videos from her life. The idea is to post as much as possible and whenever we post a video on Instagram we plan to post the full length video on YouTube so that you don’t miss out on any fun!

Aurora’s YouTube channel is called “Aurorapurr YouTube” and you can find it by clicking here: Aurorapurr Youtube.

If you have any specific requests for videos or if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to leave it in the comment section here on the blog or in a private DM on Instagram.

I love Friday’s!


“Today’s Friday, which usually means my humans are even happier than normal, which means extra treats, back and belly scratches and a lot of cuddles.

This weekend im looking forward to going outside to hunt and run as fast as I can through the park. Hopefully my humans will be able to keep up with me.

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend? Tell me here on the blog, on Twitter or on Instagram!

I hope all my kitty friends have a wonderful weekend!”

Throwback Thursday


This Throwback Thursday we look back at cute baby Phillip when he was just a little lion cub. It’s hard to believe that he’s already approaching his one year birthday on the 1st of July (same day as his human mum). Time flies by so fast and it’s just like parents say about their kids, you look away for a second and suddenly they are all grown up.

Prince Phillip is growing bigger and bigger each day, in the same pace as he’s overflowing with fluff.
He’s behaving like a teenage boy and it’s really fun to see the difference in his behaviour compared to Aurora.

He’s a regular boy compared to the royalty that Aurora is.

Kattbox – April

The April edition of Kattbox has arrived!


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First reaction to this months cat box from Kattbox was that it was the best one so far! It’s very exciting to see how the amount of products and the quality of them increase from month to month. As always, Aurora will be revealing what her favourite product of this month was at the bottom of this post.

This box contained the following:

– Catnip Explosion dispensing toy from Cosmic Catnip
– A pair of pet scissors from Beeztees
– Plush toy from Vitakraft
– Cat grass (seeds) from Albertines
– Tail chaser toy from Fat Cat

– 2x packages of Cat sticks (fish) from Dogman
– Milky melody cream treat from Vitakraft
– Cat Yums snacks from Vitakraft
– Liquid cat snack from Vitakraft
– Tuna fillet wet food from Applaws

See below for the reveal of the product of the month!

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